Friday, July 2, 2010

7-2-10 Elder Ludlow is going to Sao Paulo Tuesday

Hey guys!
Hows it going in Ventura? Sounds like you have all been pretty busy recently. Glad you got my letters to cath and mom, you'll have to respond some time! Oh i already sent an email to dad.. And I'm still waiting to hear from you Omily about girl's camp and what not. Oh and about Syd being there, is it fun having a "sister" your age?

Well as you already know my companion is leaving this Tuesday, to Sao Paulo. I might be put in a 3-some or something after that, but no one knows yet. Anyways Mom thanks for calling the travel office, good to know my visa has made it to LA at least. I wish they would just stamp the dang thing and put it in the mail. If i don't get my visa within the next week and a half, I don't go to Sao Paulo at all.

MTC food is getting old, but it's still not too awful. Today we went to the Provo temple (which is closed for a month) and helped clean lockers.

Libby and Chris that's cool that you get to go to Walnut for a few days. Go to the beach or something for me, if you'd like.

Well we've been teaching lessons in Portuguese only for a few days now, and wednesday was our first complete "Portugues Solmente" day (poruguese only). So that's coming along well. In our district we've picked a few people to teach as a whole district, and yesterday the whole district taught me. A few days ago they asked me a lot of questions and concerns, my testimony, what I'm worried about, and what i want from my mission and stuff. Then they all prepared things for me, and taught me. It was a good experience for me because I found out that a lot of the missionaries here have the same concerns as me and are in the same boat. So elders in my district read me in Alma 32 [chapter in the Book of Mormon dealing with faith], and we talked about lots of other things too. Anyways it is nice to be here, lots of other guys in similar situations as me and we all want to do our best.

So Tom isn't taking any more classes from BYU anymore? What are you up to now? Working somewhere else or at the pharmacy?

And Cath do you ever work for sabina's place anymore? or full time with Salina now?

Hopefully next week when I call you I will have my visa and travel plans, but we'll see! Thanks for the prayers and helping me pay to be out here.
Elder Hooke


  1. I am so glad that they got to be companions! Elder Hooke is a great guy and I'm very greatful for him! I hope his Visa comes soon so that they can see each other again before they go to Recife and Maceio.
    The blog looks great! Keep up the good work. I hope we can stay in touch.
    Love, Jodi Ludlow

  2. Good Job Elder Hooke. I hope your Visa comes soon. It sounds like you're working hard and having fun too. That's great!
    Take care,
    Sister Lori Jones