Friday, June 25, 2010

6-25-10 First lesson in Portuguese only

[NOTE: Thanks to Elder Ludlow and his mother for sending us the pictures from the MTC that we are using in these blogs!]

Hello family- How are you all doing? Sorry i don't have your letters with me so if you asked questions i can't remember them to answer'em.. oh whale..

This week has gone by fast, but each day has been super long.. [kind of like their ties...] Someone in our district received his visa, so they are coming eventually, hopefully.. Also, some other elders who have been waiting here 11 weeks just got re-assigned to Nashville for a transfer or till whenever there visas come.. Hopefully that won't be me, but either way, i guess it all works out.. If God really wanted me to be in Brazil he could make it happen, so we'll see..

Me and Elder Ludlow have got a lot better at teaching recently.. We taught some new missionaries yesterday, as themselves (not "investigators") and I think we really helped them out a lot.. It was the strongest lesson we've had, and there was definitely the Spirit there.. We teach "investigators" several times a week (volunteers like tom could be- are you going to do that btw?) they used to always tell us how we needed to focus on their needs, but this morning our "investigator" said that we did really well (he had a disabled little daughter, and we focused on that and the fact that when he prays God listens).. He said many missionaries find out stuff like this and then just teach the first lesson as they would to anyone.. But the idea is to teach only what they need, and in this case we only briefly talked about the actual restoration, cuz you have to know there is a loving Heavenly Father before the restoration means anything..

We also taught our first lesson in Portugues solmente hoje..[Portuguese only, today] Fui bom.. [It went well] Mas nao posso dizer meus sentimentos bem ja.. [But I can't say my feelings well yet] Portuguese is fun though, we contact Spanish missionaries all the time and often they say "that sounds way better than Spanish" or stuff like that.. Maybe it's just my soothing voice though, who knows! Just kidding.

This week is the week that a third of all mission presidents are released and new ones are here in the MTC for training, so tonight we have a meeting that will likely have 5 or more apostles at it.. And sunday there are 4 different MTC sacrament meetings, and rumor has it that President Monson will speak at one of them, hopefully mine!

My companion got a little nerf basketball and hoop for our door (like Lib's) and we played jungle ball today for our workout time along with 2 other elders from the district! So to answer libby's question, yes that game [ninja destruction??] involves a lot of wrestling.. I accidentally bit elder Ludlows elbow too, and he has teeth marks haha.

Dad thanks for the Grandpa stories--that one last week was pretty cool, and I'm glad to hear that your scout campout went well and what not if you will and the like..

Well it's crazy i've already been here a month! I can't even think of anything more to tell you about.... let's see..we've had this sub a few times when our teachers are gone named Irmão Schaffer.. He is literally one of the funniest (and happiest) people I've met; his whole lesson is funnier than some comedy acts, and we still learn a lot! it's pretty fun, so everyone's excited when we hear he's gonna come sub. Well Bye Family!

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