Friday, July 9, 2010

7-9-10 New MTC companion AND District

Hello minha familia [my family],
So how's it going?

Well Elder Ludlow left on Tuesday for Sao Paulo, and my new companion is Elder Kennedy. He's really funny and nerdy(he told me I could put that), but we get along well. We've been pretty productive and I feel like within a few days we'll be able to teach like I did with Elder Ludlow again. Elder Kennedy is yet another Utah missionary, from Sandy. So I actually had to switch rooms and stuff and I live with different elders in my district, but yeah I guess that's not important.

Thanks mom for cleaning out my kiosk! [Jon's Eagle project was building a kiosk in a local park, and someone had thrown sticks and trash inside it!] And that's good you get to go out with the sister missionaries. You're helping with more missionary work than I am and you're not even on a mission.

And I hope the youth conference is going well! Sounds like Em and Syd are having fun together, so that's cool. Em did Tom tell you to make me write him? I guess I'll just have to do that. I guess I'll write you back to, and Seal it with a Kantakerous Kikk or something. [Emily had sealed her last letter with a Karate Chop...]

Cath how is you? (yes that was intentional). How is work, and what's going on in the ward? I still haven't got that package full of letters that I expect from the [singles] ward that they write during FHE.

Dad- so how's work going? Thanks again for the stories about Grandpa and stuff(thank you Grandpa H for writing those down too!). You've told me all about the scout trips and stuff but I guess I'm a little curious as to how everything is working with your new boss and what not and the like, if you will.

Lib and Chris so you should be in Walnut this week right? Sweet. Have fun. And moving there eventually sounds like quite the decent idea, if you will.

Tom- So have you spotted me playing soccer yet? Just go by and if someone scores a goal, well you know it's probably me. haha not really. But how is life not in school? I'll probably write you later today.

Grandma and Grandpa T- thanks for the letters and prayers! It must have been hard to part with those copper pipes! [Grandpa recently sold the pipes he'd had for awhile]

I have been doing the exact same thing every day for the most part, so I don't really have any events to write about. We've had two really good devotionals in the last week that both focused on the Book of Mormon, and logical/factual evidence that prove it is true. There is seriously no way Joseph Smith could've written that thing.

Let's see... Wednesday was Irmao Harward's birthday, so all the elders in our district sacked lunch and we built a big cake out of 48 twinkies and hostess cupcakes. Probably the fattiest cake ever!

For the 4th of July we had a special fireside (on the 3rd) that had some of the cheesiest costumes and acting ever, it was funny. But it had a good message, similar to that talk Mom sent me about our nation being prepared for the restoration (by the way, thanks for that talk, I liked it a lot). ["The Great Prologue", a devotional talk that Elder Mark E. Petersen gave at BYU in 1974--Google it! It's about how the Lord preserved and prepared America for the Restoration of the gospel. Then we went outside and watched the Stadium of Fire firework show from outside the MTC. So that was nice I guess. And on Sunday a member of the first quorum of the 70 (I think), the brother of my branch President Aidukaitis was in my ward and he bore his powerful testimony.

[Marcos A. Aidukaitis is a Brazilian general authority and has an interesting story: ]

Well my time is up, so I must go. Thanks for the support and letters and prayers
Love, Elder Hooke

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