Monday, June 21, 2010

6-18-10 MTC Schedule, head injury...

Date: June 18, 2010
Area: Provo MTC
Companion: Elder Ludlow

Dear Dad Mom Tom Libby Cath Em,

Hows it going? I'm always glad to hear from any of you, so thanks for writing me.

Cath it sounds like you had an awesome trip to Hawaii, and yeah i'm totally down for a half iron man when I get back!

Libby and Chris, that is cool Chris is gonna go to Mt. Sac [Mount San Antonio College] now! So you'll live in Walnut in an apartment or with the Waite fam? I enjoyed your story about the awesome surfer dudes at Flowrider. Yeah Elder Ludlow and I joke around a lot but one of our goals for this week is to joke around a little less. although we do almost always get done what we are supposed to, we get distracted a lot. I'm usually at the Provo temple on sunday afternoons, so maybe you do see me there.

Tom sounds like your relieved to be again temporarily done with school. Yeah I hear about the world cup because one of my teachers is way into it! And I hear the Lakers and Celtics championship game's on sunday too... that would be interesting. Is it the TRC that you were asked to help at? that would be really cool. I go there on Thursday mornings and we are assigned to talk about certain things in Portuguese but then we still teach all our lessons in English. [TRC, from the Internet: "The Teaching Resource Center gives missionaries some experience teaching in their mission language"--apparently they practice teaching volunteers.] Teaching a good lesson to the investigators' needs and actually helping them to see why this Gospel is specifically important for them is way harder than I thought.

Our contacts are within the MTC, to other missionaries usually. We are never allowed to leave the MTC for anything, except to walk to the field for soccer or Temple.

Speaking of soccer a few days ago I got elbowed in the head playing it, and my pupils were different sizes for the rest of the day, and the next morning! It was weird reading too, it made it all blurry. I went to the doctor though, and he wasn't there but the person at the desk just said come back if it gets worse. It got better, don't worry.

BTW I sent dad an email already.

Emily so I hear Syd is in town now and you have girls camp? that should be fun. You'll have to write me all the intricate details, about what your camp shirts looked like and for how many rounds of Big Booty [a clapping coordination game] in a row you maintained the title of Big Booty and what not.

And Mom- thanks for the snell mell. Maybe I'll just have to write you one back. Yes I am keeping a journal, but not every day. Almost every day is exactly the same, give or take about 2 events per day.

Daily Schedule, you say?
Here it is, generally:

Gym: 6:35 am
Breakfast: 8:15
Large Group Meeting 11:40
Lunch: 1
More Class: 1:45-6
Dinner: 6
Even More Class: 6-9:30

During class, sometimes there is a teacher and sometimes we have Missionary Directed Time, which includes personal study, comp study, language study, contacts, and teaching lessons. Sometimes the schedule switches and we have afternoon gym but that's pretty much it. MDT is free time, but not at all free. We choose what we do, but it has to be what we feel is most productive at that time.

How was the bike ride? that sounds like it could be fun. Thanks for the prayers and for helping me pay and what have you, if you will. Don't steal my money and remind Tom he owes me big time!

Thank you for the package and the pictures! I got everything, and that was the stuff I needed, so thanks! And I'm sure I'll read those talks at some point.

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