Monday, June 21, 2010

6-11-10 --MTC games and injuries :)

Date: June 11, 2010
Area: Provo MTC
Companion: Elder Ludlow

As always, Lori's remarks are in [brackets]...


Hey guys! This week has been good.. the enter button doesn't work and every time you hit a period it makes two dots.. but anyways.. [I made paragraphs for him :)]

This past week has gone soo slowly, with classes/meals/gym/study time/meetings all day every day.. Today is the only day with more than like an hour of free time.. I taught the district the game ninja destruction, so we've been playing that a lot during time we have off.. pretty fun game..

We set a lot of goals last week as a district and companionship, and we were able to accomplish most of them.. Goals like 10 contacts a day in english with some short lesson, 5 more in portuguese, usually just a testimony because i can't communicate much more than that yet.. But we have learned a lot of new things, now we know the present and preterit tenses for all regular verbs and like 15 irregulars.. We don't learn any vocab in class, so we pretty much have to figure that all out on our own.. Elder Ludlow and I have taught several lessons, one of our goals is practice two full lessons a day.. It's a lot harder to teach a missionary lesson to someone who knows nothing about our church than I thought..

The Spirit is very strong here, it is nice.. And i got to go to the temple again today..

That's awesome catherine is in hawaii.. when she gets back remind her to write the missionaries at a [single adult activity]!

I've heard from Juker, but not Rex.. [friends who are also about to go on missions] I'll see him this wednesday though when he gets to the MTC.. I don't think my visa will come soon.. Nobody has got one for several weeks and some people have been here for 5 weeks longer than me, waiting..

My companion is really funny, we get along well.. we joke all the time, and make boring things fun.. For example, we have to climb up 5 stories every time we go to class and 4 stories every time we go to our rooms, so now every time we are at the top we try to drop pens down the middle (in between the handrails) and see how many flights we can get them to fall before they hit the side.. The current record is 5 flights, held by me, of course..

I'm gonna send you guys some pictures, they'll be printed out tomorrow..

I met Matt's brother here, who is going to Boise ID, and he's just as funny as Matt, so i've talked with him a few times.. [Matt is a friend of Jon’s from BYU-Hawaii who is currently serving a mission in Arcadia, California]

Is Father's Day this sunday? I sent a card but it won't be there sunday.. Oh well.. [Good thing it will be here by Father’s Day, since it’s NOT this Sunday :) ]

This week our district has been going to the field most days to play soccer, District H (my district) versus all.. It's usually pretty even and very fun., although the last 3 days in a row people have gotten injured.. Broken ankle, sprained ankle, Soccer ball to the face causing profuse bleeding.. But that is of course what makes it fun.. [ha ha]

[Speaking of injuries…and if you’re at all squeamish, you might want to skip this paragraph!] My friend from Hawaii, Elder Finch, was here going to Rio de Janeiro mission, but he had to go home to get a finger amputated.. I talked to him today, and he's not an Elder anymore, and he got his ring finger removed and his pinky moved up to where the ring finger used to be.. He had already been here ten weeks so as soon as he is able he will fly straight to Brazil..

Elder [Robert D.] Hales of the [Quorum of the] 12 [Apostles] [see photo at left] spoke to us on sunday about sacrifices and obedience.. And the guy who wrote [the song] “Our Saviors Love” spoke to us and I went up after and told him cath plays it [on her cello] so he said “God Bless her..”

So yeah my time is running out now so i will go..

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