Monday, August 22, 2011

8-22-11 Heitor, Luana, Maurilia, Monica, talk in church


Hello familia, this week went pretty well. 

My comp is a good guy. He's been a member his whole life. He left a girlfriend at home with whom he plans to get married. He's got 2 brothers, one is Downs syndrome, both are younger. His parents are active in the church, but he is the first from the family to serve a mission. This week was good and he's happy (and so am I) to be able to finally have at least a few good investigators.

Heitor was feeling insecure and his friends all made fun of him for being a Mormon, so yesterday he told us he didn't think he would get baptized this week. But we talked to him for awhile yesterday and helped him to see the right reasons for everything. At the end I told him, "So we aren't here to pressure you into anything, we are just here to help, so if and when you feel ready, we'll be excited to have your baptism." He responded and said, "No you guys are right, I should get baptized next week like we had planned." So hopefully everything goes well this week, he's even gonna fast, and have the baptism on Sunday.

We got to teach those 2 ladies Luana and Maurilia, but only Sunday an hour before church started. They were very receptive, and during this week were gonna go meet up with them in a public plaza to teach more (because Luana's family doesn't want us there, and Marilia works in the city every day). Hopefully all goes well with that. They are both very smart and good people.

We also met a single mom Mônica, who is a good lady. We taught her for the first time Saturday, about the restoration, then Sunday she went to church and liked it a lot. We'll teach her again tonight.

Yesterday I gave a talk in church about Missionary work to help the members see the importance of their role. It went alright, although the majority of the congregation wasn't listening.

Thanks for the email, you guys have a great week too!
Elder Hooke 

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