Monday, August 15, 2011

8-15-11 Teaching Heitor, answer to prayer, Visit to Camaragibe, district leader

Anyways this week was decent. Raiane unfortunately didn't get baptized. She left the house of her loving aunt and uncle to go live in not such a good situation. Her brother Mateus stayed with the aunt and uncle and is doing great. So all we can do for Raiane now is pray I guess.

We are helping a lady who was baptized 4 years ago to return to church, and she went with her 11 year old son Heitor yesterday. We are teaching him and his baptism is already marked for the 27th. He's a good kid and is excited to be in church again (he used to go with his mom, but wasn't ever baptized).

On Thursday night we had nothing planned and for no reason decided to go to the house of a member lady, Regina. When we got there her daughter Rhawena said that she prayed that we´d pass by, because that morning she had a really cool experience being able to invite someone to church. So we talked with her about it and called the friend, and Sunday morning this friend, Luana, and her friend, Marilia, showed up at church. They are both about 25-30 yrs old, and really smart, and they just wanted to see what the Mormon church is like, and they were very well received. They liked it and we will be visiting them during this week (hopefully) to explain things a little better.

Irene´s doing great. She's really solid.

Today Elder Wells is finishing his mission, and he's gonna come by to San Martin to visit the bishop and we'll be able to eat lunch with him and his dad and the bishop's family.

The highlight of the week was definitely Friday, because I got to go back to Camaragibe and talk with Eliete and fam, Cheila, Juliana, and do the baptismal interview of Eliete's neighbor, Isabel, who was baptized on Saturday. I had just started to teach her when I left Camaragibe. It was great to talk to my friends there again. I also visited Marcelo and Joelma, who have both decided to get married and baptized--there's just some paperwork business to take care of now. I still hold to my prediction that Marcelo will be a bishop in a few years. I miss that area, all the people we taught there, and Elder Bradley and Johnson. They all miss us a lot too, but the current missionaries there are also good guys, luckily. Oh yeah I'm district leader again, of us, Camaragibe, Carmelo (the other ward in Camaragibe), and a little town called Ur-7. its going well. I think I'm gonna get to do a division in Camaragibe in a couple weeks, this week with Ur-7.


Wellp, seeya
Elder Hooke

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